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Bioshock Accessories by HuffytheMagicDragon Bioshock Accessories :iconhuffythemagicdragon:HuffytheMagicDragon 2 0 mamelons noirs by HuffytheMagicDragon
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Morning, Stocking...(doodle) :iconhuffythemagicdragon:HuffytheMagicDragon 0 0
Fruit Gear Salad: Revinegeance (doodle) by HuffytheMagicDragon Fruit Gear Salad: Revinegeance (doodle) :iconhuffythemagicdragon:HuffytheMagicDragon 2 0 Forest Fog by HuffytheMagicDragon Forest Fog :iconhuffythemagicdragon:HuffytheMagicDragon 2 0 Prepare thy Rectum by HuffytheMagicDragon Prepare thy Rectum :iconhuffythemagicdragon:HuffytheMagicDragon 1 0 sky stock by HuffytheMagicDragon sky stock :iconhuffythemagicdragon:HuffytheMagicDragon 4 0 Natural Spring Waterfall by HuffytheMagicDragon Natural Spring Waterfall :iconhuffythemagicdragon:HuffytheMagicDragon 3 0 Glock in the Sky by HuffytheMagicDragon Glock in the Sky :iconhuffythemagicdragon:HuffytheMagicDragon 1 0 Galeton, Pennsylvania by HuffytheMagicDragon Galeton, Pennsylvania :iconhuffythemagicdragon:HuffytheMagicDragon 2 0


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I made a Top 5 Jet Set Radio Future facts video!!
aa this took forever to make! really hope you guys like it!!  Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
:iconalexacatart:alexacatart 5 6
Pokemon Leafygreen (REMASTERED) by victoriavaporeon Pokemon Leafygreen (REMASTERED) :iconvictoriavaporeon:victoriavaporeon 17 1 One Punch Man - Saitama by Xeno-Photography One Punch Man - Saitama :iconxeno-photography:Xeno-Photography 290 16 Hypnotise (GGs Style) by DJ7493 Hypnotise (GGs Style) :icondj7493:DJ7493 1 2 Ghostbusters by SteCarreri Ghostbusters :iconstecarreri:SteCarreri 19 1


First off, I normally like all of your XJ-9 art, but this one got to me. The adverb title was so well placed and fitting for the expres...

This piece seriously got to me since I play TF2, but also because I play Metal Gear Solid and I kinda see a reference to the drastic da...



Bioshock Accessories
Some props I made for my Jack Ryan cosplay last Halloween haha I went to a party at my nearby country club and the girls were going crazy on me, no lie :DHappy dance! -Markiplier Free2use Party Hard! Dancing Pumkin head 2 
mamelons noirs
a Miraculous Ladybug inspired comic where Tikki gets a little cheeky with her spot placement. I drew this for a friend so I put in a few inside jokes and filthy frank references It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon) Filthy Frank: ROASTED 
    This questionnaire was sent to me by a fellow artist on dA who I converse with on almost a daily frequency and I find a need to answer his inquiry,

much like my response to the Ice Bucket Challenge:…


1. Which anime show would you like to be in?

Heat Guy J

2. If so, why?

I would want to be a part of a society stemming from the old world with elements of crime and new age technology that would keep me interested in every moment I spend there.

3. What's your fav. Hetalia pairing?

I don’t watch Hetalia.

4. Who's your fav. Hetalia character?

I don’t watch Hetalia.

5. Is Prussia awesome or no?

Their picklehaub helmets are, and fighting on horseback must be badass!

6. Who would you want to visit you if you were sick?

Akorhaphi, she’s the one who I connect to the most on dA. Dullvivid might not care but he’s a close second, no homo :)

7. Do you think Canada is cute~?

As a country, I would say it’s a little big to be considered cute, but the person asking this must be referring to a Hetalia character.

8. When did you discover anime?

By watching it on Toonami, the first shows I used to watch were Cowboy Bebop and Inuyasha, but it wasn’t until a few years ago before I got into Trigun right before the Badlands movie that came out, and I’m glad that I hooked into anime. I watch certain mainstream titles now, such as The Devil May Cry animated series, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Strike Witches, Fooley Cooley, Black Butler, Lucky Star, C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (though I really wish I could have taken an economics course before watching it) Sacred Blacksmith, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, (I don’t care what anyone says, the series should have cut off at the first season) Haganai, and more recently Redline and the Interstellar 5555 movie.

9. What is your fav. manga?

I don’t exactly have a favorite ongoing manga, and I can’t read in those strange directions on each page to save my life, but I do have a favorite doujinshi, or hentai manga whatever the difference is, called “Faitingu Sutokkingu”.

10. Can I have a hug, please~?

for damn sure, my neezy :D


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United States
I am an aspiring teenager who likes to draw from time to time in order to release my feelings of popular culture today.


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yeah, same thing happened at a party I went to once and brought up JSRF in a gaming conversation I pretty much had the girl I was talking to pissing her pants with excitement with every reference I made :D
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